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Miss Olive Leung primarily worked in the field of graphic design for art magazines, music magazines and music CD covers after finishing her graphic design course in Hong Kong. She then received her Bachelor of Fine Art (Film and Video) from Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design in London, the UK and MA in Media Cultures from the City University of Hong Kong.

Miss Leung possesses a wide range of expertise in design and media art, including graphic design, photography, digital videos, and documentary films. After returning from the UK, she shifted her practice to include films and videos.

Prior to joining this institution, Miss Leung worked as an art and media lecturer at art schools in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for more than 15 years. She was a programme coordinator to help manage higher diploma and bachelor’s degree programmes in art and design.

Miss Leung’s recent feature documentary film focuses on the process of urban change in To Kwa Wan. This is also part of the series of works on space and developments in an urban context that she has begun to explore. She also designed a book entitled Suite D (2012), which was a collaborative research project with social workers from a local NGO to investigate private lives in the form of compressed living in subdivided flats.

Miss Leung has held solo and group exhibitions, including Open Cities- HKG >< ORD at Betty Rymer Gallery in Chicago (2001), A Half-Second Affairs at Slowear Gallery in Fringe Club Hong Kong (2008 and 2009), and Emotional Metropolis at Hong Kong Arts Centre (2009). She also served as a member on the Assessment Panel of CreateSmart Initiative from 2011 to 2015.

Miss Leung’s research focus has been on the construction of a subject in experimental approach to expand the new territory and form of film art and documentary. Subjects include social design, hybridity and living stability.